..i traced his steps to his bedroom that night and knew this wasn’t my desire at all…


,the blur took over us*

i remember the way your face creased with each emotion when the happiness spread across your face it seemed like it would last no inkling of what would be done its a funny thing looking into the past like using a telescope to see that far viewing that happiness and the not so distant sadness […]

;living without applause>

the roar of sound accumulated from the very touch of ones palm on another is the sound we long for. to be taken in by the crowd around us with grace and harmony by their acceptance and applause no utter of words detrimental to us. like a shooting star that never stops shooting. it’s uplifting, […]


it takes a lot to rise from your own little pile of ashes. time after time after time. after a while you don’t notice the burns. each resurrection leaves the residue of a beautiful little scar, displayed only to its owner. scarred, but not flawed. more like enhanced; with an addition received from the foes. […]

Let go..

Sometimes you just need to let go of certain things that appear in your life.  Assess what is vital and what is irrelevant to you and your personal ambitions.  Sometimes you just have to let go of the expectations people hold for you, the thoughts and feelings of others, the stress that is beyond your […]