Society doesn’t get my glitter.

Everyone is afraid of being themselves in public, if you hadn’t already noticed from your personal experiences. Going too far over the edge of what is societally acceptable and wondering how many eyes just watched you. Its something that everyone experiences. Feeling like were not aloud to go outside the norm perimeters because that brings too much attention to one person. Save it for when your in a safe enclosed environment..? Right?



try again.

Why must you alter who you really are, fake what is the truth, or be half of the person you are just because some people might not like you…? Its really messed up and I don’t agree with this so called ‘norm’.

I am a strong believer in being yourself inside and out to everyone and yes, some might not fit in with you, but the right people will gravitate towards you.
Thats like teaching your kid to hide the things that might seem too controversial or bring up too many questions.
I am also a strong believer that we learn a lot of our social qualities from our parents. By them teaching us how to behave properly and by how we have seen them react and treat other individuals in the public eye.

For me the way I was raised was in good intentions. But the things I do, and items that I choose to wear have formulated from myself, teaching myself, how I want to be in public and what I want to wear rather than staying on the platform that my Mom left for me once I turned 18.

People are always going to hate, discriminate, lie, fake, and bash you, unfortunately.

But on the flip side, other people will love, support, stay true, love you for you. If you focus on the negative people, they’re gonna focus on you and make your life miserable whenever you do wanna try something new.

Put your thoughts on the good people who will accept you for you, even if you shower in glitter ;), or have a new hairstyle, or want to pierce you eyelid, or anything that might not be the said ‘norm’, throw that sh*t out the door please. Its a new era of society and I’m done caring and so should you.

Don’t be afraid of you, be you. 🙂




3 thoughts on “Society doesn’t get my glitter.

  1. Glad you are finding your way. Be true to yourself without hurting others. Yes, be you. And when people hurt you, leave them behind in a trail of glitter. I support you!

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