Today, September 27, marks the day, 3 years previously, where I changed my life forever.

Opening the door from a dark place and into the life I was meant to live. I accepted the fact I had been denying for years. Constantly telling myself “it isn’t okay for you to be gay”.

Today marks the 3rd anniversary of the day I told myself…”it’s okay to be gay.”

Saying these words to myself and then to others was the most exhilarating, and also the most reluctant emotion I’ve ever had.

Bashing your own self for so long ultimately creates a euphoric feeling of believing in yourself for once after converting the internal hate into love. I knew I was gay and I had finally accepted it and that in turn, had changed everything.

The heaviest of weight had been lifted off my shoulders, a gloomy shadow that had been cut away from me. This new version of myself was pure, and shimmered in the brightest light.

I had ressurected into my strongest form, rising above the self neglect from before.

I was my own hero.

I was free.



One thought on “3yearsfree

  1. You were just being you and learned to walk in yourself. One thing in my life I had to accept was that I was different from a lot of people including my own my family members. Different as in something similar to what you had discovered about yourself. I learned that although I was different I could still live instead of “existing”. I know at times you probably had woke up day-to-day thinking you were dreaming but found that you weren’t. I know it was probably scary for you and mind boggling. What I was doscovering about myself was, too.

    I couldn’t face the music. I wasn’t able to block out the noise. The feeling inside for me was overwhelming. The good thing though, as I started to get older, I started walking in my being. Now that I am walking , I am learning more. More about me that is.

    One important thing I’ve learned is that we are all in this together. That’s another reason why I read this blog. You should write a book. Mich love to you and your heart. Stay encouraged, Mr. Carlton.


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