we all feel something different. whether it be happiness, or sadness, anger, or frustration; there is a sense of ourselves behind each emotion. our brain is on a rollercoaster each week experiencing high emotions such as happiness, or lust, while continuing on to experience the low feelings like anger, and sadness. our brain puts us through so much by reacting in a high and low kind of way.

anything can trigger the train cart to take a steep climb filled with smiles or jerk you down into a dark sorrow. to an extent, feeling emotions is  actually apart of life and completely normal. however, it doesn’t come without saying that certain people provoke certain feelings from you, by merely there presence, or it could be the way they glance at you from afar giving your heart a flutter.

some people bring out the best in you, smiling and laughing, dedicating yourself to live for the positive, whilst others drag out the bad affecting your brain to give off disgruntled anger. it all partly depends on who you surround yourself with and give your time away too, but it also depends on what feelings and emotions you give off yourself.

happiness is my favorite emotion. i love the reinforcement behind the emotion by laughing and keeping my teeth showing. i strive to experience this emotion everyday, by being positive about the future, being dedicated towards my goals, and searching for those certain people who do bring out the best in myself.

if i were to wake up without the constant thought of the day being wonderful right from the start, or excited to see what the day holds, good or bad, i would be a very dull version of myself. going through life without that drive to be happy, or experience the happiness from within keeps me from straying.

the feelings you radiate, positive or pessimistic, automatically generates a signal that will connect you with the certain people who are attracted to your emotional signal.

nobody is tainted with one set of emotions. there are many things one could do to generate a new batch of emotions that might be a whole new experience in itself. I’ve just found that people are set in their usual emotions because thats what is ‘normal’ so to speak.

take a risk on yourself and strive to be happy and smile more. it makes a difference each day when your whole body is radiating with a feel-good sensation. life is too short to be down and dumpy.

it doesn’t even cost that much.

just the rise of your ears,

the crease in your cheeks,

and the glare from your teeth.

it may seem odd at first but you just made yourself smile for no reason, and thats all it takes. 🙂


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