Enjoying the journey…

Sooo it’s been 7 months in between these pics!

 Left: March 1, 2016

Right: October 3, 2016

I’ve had the aspiration to compete in a Men’s Physique show ever since I saw Chase Isaacs compete in his show back in 2013! 

I actually started my weight lifting journey, and in a sense, started my path along this journey to the stage of my very first show back in January of 2013. 

The very popular and well-known icon in the fitness industry, Steve Cook, pulled me into a life changing hobby that I’ve been hooked on ever since. 

I had never been satisfied with how I looked or how I felt about my body. In high school I was heavy through and started to lose weight as I grew older and taller. Lol. 

I didn’t workout the same way I do today. I had based my workouts on only cardio and not touching a dumbbell because I had this perception that i “wasn’t aloud” to be in a gym. Idk it was weird. 

I remember Christmas Break of my senior year in high school, there was an ad for Bodybuilding.com on a website I had been visiting. Accidentally I clicked on the banner, marketing a new flavor of protein,  the sites page warped me into the gym-going, bodybuilding boy everyone knows I am today! 

I started lifting in a basic workout regime, hitting each muscle group each day and incorporating cardio and abs as well! 

This was my workout for a long time and as I kept telling myself “Why change something  that is easy to follow?”… how wrong I was..

I always had the dream of what it’d be like to compete in a Men’s Physique competition. Seeing all the posts and shows from many of the people I looked up to, i unfortunately compared my body to there’s and had this feeling that my body wasn’t good enough for that. It wasn’t never a real possibility until I became relative lean and in the best shape of my life later in the year of 2013. 

Still doing the same workout split, hitting each muscle group each day and same amount of cardio. My diet became very strict as I fell into the cliché of “healthy eating”. I didn’t eat anything that wasn’t considered to be a healthy food and I was tracking everything I ate. I had also received my first food scale(which I still use the same one to this day) and that’s when I really stared getting serious about weighing everything out and eating only every 3 hours to keep my metabolism “going”.. Looking back now it was awful 😅

So since 2013 I’ve been just regularly going to the gym and working out my muscles but I had found around last December that I wasn’t getting anywhere. What was I working on? It became monotonous and hard to stay motivated to keep working out for no real goal. That’s when I realized that I wanted to do a Men’s Physique show. A couple guys I knew from my schools gym were competing in the local show in March of 2016 and it intrigued me even more to want to commit to one. 

…but as I realized, my body needed a lot of work. I can’t just drop right into completion prep with where I was at.. 

As the weeks passed I wanted to work towards a show. I needed help but I had the drive behind the dream to really become adequate for competing. I took to a guy I knew of who has competed multiple times and I knew he knew what he was doing lol 😂 Just by looking at Seth you know he’s serious with what he does, and his dedication and hard work is applied to his physical form. 

He was the coach I wanted but to be honest, I was intimidated by his size and success. It was hard for me at first to jump out and say ” will you help me do a show” lol. I thought he’d be arrogant and full of himself but it was the total opposite!! He’s such a humble guy! But I had asked him about what he thought and he was onboard to  help achieve my goal. 

Tellkmg him from the start that I wanted to do the Southern Indiana Muscle in March of 2017! I had a full year to prepare since this was around the time the 2016 show was ongoing in March. 

Seth and I have been working ever since to get myself ready and step on stage as the best version of my body I can possibly bring. 

This is my half way mark and I’m already excited to tan up and get out there to showcase myself, but there’s still a lot of hard work to put in and cardio to do and sweat to sweat lol but I’ll get there. 

March 2017 at the Indiana Muscle show will be where I take this once fabricated dream and put it into reality. I can do this, I know I can! If you could please just not give me a hard time for declining food offerings or asking me why I’m weighing my food out it would be much appreciated. This goal I’ve been working on since I ever stepped foot in a gym will be my defining moment. Whatever it takes to get there, I’ll do it.


One thought on “Enjoying the journey…

  1. Your transformation is inspiring! Can you share your workout regiment with us? I’m looking for something that help with my transformation.


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