Let go..

Sometimes you just need to let go of certain things that appear in your life. 

Assess what is vital and what is irrelevant to you and your personal ambitions. 

Sometimes you just have to let go of the expectations people hold for you, the thoughts and feelings of others, the stress that is beyond your control, the ultimately high standards you’ve set for yourself..the list goes on and on. 

Realize that the negative thoughts and stressors are radicals floating freely inside your mind, destructing yourself from within. 

Export these radicals away from your mind and body by exerting the energy it takes to  administer the good emotions you’ve been vacant of. 

Let go of the hatred and grudges you’ve brought into your life that aren’t merited residency.  

It doesn’t take much to let go of what’s keeping your misery just the self-acknowledgement and your own dismissal. 

Life doesn’t need to contain the negative, and the stress, it should contain happiness and smiles each and everyday. 

The small stuff is water under the bridge that won’t be presented as an issue down the line. 

Believe the sun sets each day, and tomorrow is a gift with the value of uncertainty. 

Let go to everything that isn’t helping you grow.

Cut the anchors, let the balloon soar, you’re in control of when to move on with your life. 



One thought on “Let go..

  1. You have a great heart, my friend. You are the epitome of cool. You are the wind to life. The breeze to hot and the life to the dead.

    All that you have displayed and demonstrated over the years is how to live by one’s mean and overcoming obstacles that have been hard for many others.

    You seem to never wear a mask, to always face the music and live.

    In your being lies security, strength and a beautiful mind. That being is unique and you share it daily. Thank you. I appreciate your contribution daily to this life each of us are trying to figure out. I enjoy the spiritual food you dish out.

    Keep being the VOICE and making change, πŸ™‚


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